The bite angle on an ice skate blade influenses how you skate more than any other skate variable. Bite angle is directly related to how a skate grips the ice. The larger the bite angle the more grip your skates have on the ice. More grip is not necessarily better though. The bite angle is the angle between the side of the blade and the hollow less 90°. The blade thickness and radius of hollow (ROH) determine the bite angle, as shown below.

Bite Angle Geometry

Skate Blade Angle Calculator

This form will calculate bite angle, radius of hollow or blade thickness.

Blade Thickness (inches).

Radius of Hollow

(changing thickness ordinarily holds ROH constant and recalculates angle. Check this box
to hold bite angle constant and recalculate radius of hollow instead)

Bite Angle

Right Edge Bite Angle

Center Line Error